Summer Reads: ‘An Object of Beauty’ and More

Just Read 


I just finished ‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver. What a quick and easy read. It’s the first book of a trilogy about a dystopian society, where love – deliria – is considered a disease. I think the idea of the book is absolutely genius and very original.

Even though I enjoyed reading the story, I was not obsessed or felt compelled to devour it. The writing is flowy so I easily finished the book by just reading on the bus and in-between classes. The book is too ‘young adult’ for me – it doesn’t transcend all ages like ‘Harry Potter.’ Plus, I heard that the sequel would introduce a triangle love tangle (face palm, too Twilight-style).

I think the reason I pick up this book is because I know the movie would come out sometimes soon so I just want to read the book first. I would recommend the book if you like teenage love stories or want a get-away beach book.

Currently Reading 

I’ve been reading this book on and off for the past year ! Steve Martin (yes! The comedian!) is a prolific writer. I like his autobiography so I decide to pick up his novel ‘An Object of Beauty’, about a young girl trying to succeed in the art world of New York (Oh yeah, did I mention that I watch, listen to, and read anything related to New York – I will definitely share with you my list of favorite movies and songs about New York in upcoming posts).

This book is definitely more age-appropriate for me compared to ‘Delirium.’ So far, I like the main character Lacey. She has an air of ‘living-in-the-moment’ that I can relate to. I also like all the references to the paintings (In fact, one of my favorite books is ‘The Da Vinci Code’).

Pondering prose, young girl in New York, art world – this book definitely has all the right elements. But somehow, I always come across other books that are more interesting to me. Hopefully, this time, I can turn to the last page of the novel by the end of summer.

To Read

Don’t judge ! I like chick lit. In fact, the quickest books I’ve ever read are ‘Nothing can keep us together’, the eight book from the Gossip Girls series by Cecily von Ziegesar (yup, the original inspiration for the CW TV show)  and ‘Beautiful People’ by Wendy Holden. Ok, you’re totally judging. It’s fine. I like variety.

From the summary, it looks like ‘The Twins of Tribeca’ by Rachel Pine is ‘The Devils Wear Prada’ movies style. I ordered this book a couple of days ago through the interlibrary loan system at my school. It should be coming soon. What a perfect book for me: movies, PR, and New York.

I have a feeling I will finish this one before ‘An Object of Beauty.’ I will definitely update you on my books progress. More days lounging by the pool while sipping iced peppermint white mocha, procrastinating.

How about you? What are you reading this summer? Any books recommendations (especially if it relates to New York, films, or arts in general) ?


One Comment on “Summer Reads: ‘An Object of Beauty’ and More”

  1. vmfran14 says:

    haha I love this! Putting these on my list. ;D

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